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500 rounds 7-8mm WaterJell Bullet


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-Brand New 500 rounds 7-8mm Water Jell Bullet

-Color: Crystal Blue as photo

-500 rounds in one pack

-Put Jell bullet in cold water for 2-3 hours, the bullet will grow up as 7-8mm for water jell bullet gun. Or you can put it into warm water to fast grown, please keep the warm water away from child.

-It will break in small piece when hit something. It will disappear when it dry up, not mess for house and friendly for environment,

-Please to be notice: Never aim and shot the animal and people.

-Please storage in safe place to avoid the child to reach.

-Always use it under supervision.

-Please to be note: we can send purchase up to 6 packs in Envelope postage. pls choose trace postage if you purchase more than 6 packs.


Pls don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any require. or visit www.kiwigeek.co.nz for items that may be of additional interest.


Happy trade.


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