BL-5B Battery 890mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery


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-Brand New High Quality Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery

-Voltage: 3.7V

-Capacity: 890mAh, 1C discharge

-Model: BL-4B

-Charging current: standard charging: 1C, fast charging: 0.5C

-Thickness: 5.3mm

-Width: 34mm

-Length: 46mm

-Charging time: 2-4hrs (standard); 2hrs (fast)

-Composition: Lithium polymer

-Use for: Nokia 3220/7260/6020/3230/6060/5070/N80/N90/5140/6021/6070/6080 or Compatible Phone and Bluetooth Speaker Etc.


This auction is for one battery in photo, Please to be note: The package will different for different patch dispatch. The Quality never change.



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