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Kriss Vector II Gel Blast Toy Submachine Gun


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-Brand New and Great Fun Kriss Vector II Water Gel Blast Toy sub machine Gun

-Color: Black

-Dimension: 78cmLx35.5cmHx13cmW

56cmLx35.5cmHx13cmW (stock foldable)

-Fire mode: Safe, 3 round burst Fire, Full Automatic (Very Cool),

-Sharp look for War game

-Fire bullet: 7-8mm Water Gel Bullet

-Powerful motor shoot the bullet to long distance, up to 20m.

-Attachable Aim Scope

-Attachable front hand grip, Muzzle.

-Attachable Flash torch, Attachable IR Laser

-Foldable stock for shoulder handle.

-11.1V 2000mAh Rechargeable battery (come with USB recharge)

-Safety protection Glass (recommend put it on all the time)

-1 bottle (330 shoots) for prepare Water Gel bullet, another 2500 shoots dry beads bullet spare in bags,

-Great toy for kids over 14 years’ old, please use under supervision

-Please read the instruction before you start to play.


Btw: Please put dry beads into bottle with half fill clear water, it will grow as water jell bullet after 2hours. The water jell bullet will break into small pieces Jell when hit hard object, it is hard to see when it dry up and friendly material for environment.


Please issue require if you need more jell bullet, we supply 500 shoots per bag for only one dollar.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question.


Happy Trade.


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